Trent Johnson - Metamora, Illinois - Class of 2015


8th Annual International Power Showcase
All World / All American Baseball Classic 
January 1-5, 2014
Miami Marlins Park, Miami, Florida


I'd really appreciate your help in reaching my goal of $5,000!

Baseball has offered me many unique opportunities, but I recently received an invitation to a well respected event that I'm really excited about.  I'd like for you to be a part of it with me!

I will be traveling to Miami to participate in the 8th Annual International Power Showcase All World / All American Baseball Classic.  Held at Miami Marlins Park, the Power Showcase will feature over 130 players representing twenty countries from Africa to Europe to the Americas. I'll be pitching and playing first base for Team USA in the All World Classic on January 5th, and will be representing the state of Illinois in the Power Showcase Home Run Derby held in the days before the game. 

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As part of the event, I have committed to help raise funds for the Children’s Hospital of Illinois through the “Home Runs That Help” program. With your support, I'll hope to increase your donations with every home run I hit. And if I'm lucky, I'll hit a homer with one of the special "gold balls" provided by sponsor Spalding. 

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But I'm most excited about the partner side of the event. During the Home Run Derby, I'll be hitting for my Children's Hospital partner, Brady Weaver. Brady and his family will watch a live internet broadcast as I hope to hit as many homers as I can out of the Major League park.  His picture will be shown on the large video board in the ball park and the PA announcer will provide some background on Brady and the Children's Hospital. When I get back to Peoria, I'll bring back the ball that I hit for my first home run, and will present it to Brady. I can't wait to get back to do that! 

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